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Wendover Primary Care, PLLC is committed to providing high quality primary care to all patients. Our practice is proudly serving Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for more than 5 years as family general practitioner.

At our clinic, you will see our actual Doctors, not PA, right away with little or no wait.  

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We provide urgent care services for our patients in Charlotte, NC.  If you have any problems with: allergic reactions and asthma; cuts, burns, bug bites and animal bites; falls, sprains, strains, and broken bones; colds and flus; pink eye; ear infections; sinus pressure and sinus infections (sinusitis); bronchitis and strep throat, etc…we can help.

Contact us today for affordable healthcare, or call us 704-364-4216 for SAME DAY appointment

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We’re offering Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to everyone ages 18 and older who wants a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination. Please call us at 704-364-4216 to set up your appointment, or you can find a vaccine provider at:

About WENDOVER PRIMARY CARE, PLLC in Charlotte, nc

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If you’re looking for a primary care physician in Charlotte, NC, or an urgent care center, you have come to the right place. As your doctor in Charlotte, Wendover Primary Care, PLLC offers high quality, comprehensive, affordable primary and preventive care medical services for men, women and youth.

Wendover Primary Care, PLLC is located in Charlotte, NC on Monroe Rd. We are a South Charlotte primary care clinic providing health care to our community in  Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We are a caring family oriented primary care facility who put the patients needs first. Our primary healthcare services are patient-centered, family-focused, culturally and linguistically sensitive, in response to the diverse health needs of our growing community.

If you seek a primary care provider and reside in Charlotte, no need to Google primary healthcare clinic near me. The caring team at Wendover Primary Care is here for you! Please call us at 704-364-4216 to set up your appointment.

Primary Care Physician in Charlotte
WENDOVER Primary care in charlotte, nc


If you search for “primary health care near me”, you should find us on Google. At Wendover Primary Care, your doctors in Charlotte, our primary care physicians and staff are committed to provide the best care possible to you and your family.  We provide all urgent care services when you need us most, and you don’t have to wait for hours like other clinics in Charlotte. We have served Charlotte community for many years, and we appreciate your confidence in us. 

we also accept many insurance plans

  1. Amerihealth
  2. Aetna- including auto/workers comp and medicare advantage products
  3. Bright Health
  4. Carolina Complete Health
  5. Wellcare
  6. BCBS
  7. HealthyBlue
  8. Medicaid

9. Medicare
10. Humana
11. Medcost
12. First Health Coventry
13. Cigna
14. UHC
15. National Foundation Life
16. Healthgram

We also accept popular plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield including: Blue Advantage, Blue Care, Blue Options, Blue Select, Classic Blue, and North Carolina State Health Plan Network.

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same day appointments available

We’ll be there when you need us most.  We’ll be available and convenient for you and your family for urgent situation.

full urgent care service family medicine

We provide a wide-range of family medicine practice, and urgent care.  We can contact us for any concerns regarding your health and wellness.

leaders in medical technology

We use the most updated medical equipments and technology to care for our patients.  We believe our patients deserve the best in the market.

dedication & commitment to patients

At Wendover Primary Care, our physicians and staff are 100% committed to providing the best heal care services to you and your family.

intensive knowledge & experience

Our physicians and staff with many years of experience are ready to help you and your family.  We’re here to keep you safe and healthy.

hospital relations & affiliations

Our hospital relations and affiliations are making things easier on urgent situations where we need to transfer patients to bigger facility.

benefits of primary care physician

benefits of having a primary care physician in charlotte, nc

Wendover Primary Care is a South Charlotte primary care facility in Wendover area, that cares about family and considers patients needs a priority.

  • Our doctors in Charlotte provide primary care that can help give better health care services to patients. A system founded on primary care can help deliver better care and better health at a lower cost.
  • According to evidence, better access to primary care helps in providing healthier and longer lives.
  • Studies in the United States suggest that increasing the number of primary care physicians will help avert over 127,000 deaths per annum.
  • In parts of the country where primary care providers are prevalent per person, the death rates for stroke diabetes, and cancer, are lower and not many people are hospitalized.
  • A system built on the basis of primary care may be less expensive because not many patients are hospitalizations, there is less duplication, and there is better appropriate technology.
  • There is 33 percent lower cost for health care for adults in the United States who have primary care physicians.
  • The expense on Medicare is less for the states that have more primary care health worker and yet they have higher-quality and more effective health care.
  • When a health system undervalues primary care, it leads to increased health care spending that is more than twice the expenses of other industrialized nations, yet in life expectancy, America ranks 24th out of 30.
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Wendover Primary Care is fast becoming the fastest growing health care clinic in South Charlotte, NC, many people turn to us every month.

  • You’re in the right place, you can count on our doctors in Charlotte, NC
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  • Wendover Primary Care ensures that our services conform to the highest medical integrity standards. We have a dedicated team that manages a large medical network of many professionals who cover over 50 specialties. Our team provides fact-checking, expert POVs, medical review, and clinical guidance. Our nurses, physicians, patient advocates, and public health experts, help to ensure that we publish accurate information that is current, evidence-based, trustworthy, and person-centric.
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If you’re looking for primary health care near me o or south Charlotte primary care, then you have come to the right place. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, give us a call to set up your appointment to see our doctors in Charlotte at your convenience.  Stay safe!