Safe and Healthy Travel

Staying healthy when you’re out of your routine can feel difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re taking a day trip nearby or traveling overseas for a long period of time, there are easy ways for you to stay healthy. 

Pack the Essentials

When traveling, there are a few health and beauty essentials that should always be included in your luggage. 

  1. Medicines. Be sure to some basics including pain relievers, stomach relievers, and cold and allergy medicine. Don’t forget to pack any other medications you may be taking. 
  2. First aid kit. Keep a first aid kit accessible in case of an emergency. Your kit should include a variety of bandages in different shapes and sizes, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment, allergy and itch cream, gauze, and latex gloves.

Short-term Trip

A short-term will typically last between 5-14 days. If you take certain medications, check to ensure you have enough supply to last until you return from your trip. If you discover that you might not have enough, request a refill at your local pharmacy before departing. If traveling by vehicle, make sure you have enough water and healthy foods stocked, or at least schedule enough time to make stops if you choose. Keep the interior at a comfortable temperature and invest in proper back support. If traveling by boat or cruise, make sure you locate specific menu items and restaurants if you have allergy or dietary restrictions. Also, if you have a tendency to get motion sickness, come prepared with nausea medicine, saltine crackers and ginger ale. 

If you stock up beforehand, you shouldn’t need to make a visit to a drug store or pharmacy on your trip; however, it is always a good idea to locate the nearest convenience store and emergency room. 

Long-term Trip

A long-term trip will typically be two weeks or more and requires a lot more research and preparation to stay healthy. Consider getting an extra refill on certain medications to prevent you from having to get it out of state or out of country pharmacy. If you are staying in one location for an extended period of time, locate the nearest emergency centers, just in case. If you are traveling out of the country, research what the drug name equivalents are in case you need to purchase pain relievers or other medications overseas. 

For longer flights, keep your body happy and healthy by investing in compression socks, staying hydrated and sanitizing the area around you. If you are traveling by boat or cruise, consider your long-term needs that may not be easily accessible including hygiene products, certain medications and specific snacks and food items. 

Traveling can take a toll on your health. With lack of sleep, differing time zones and various weather conditions and environmental factors, our body can sometimes have trouble adjusting. When traveling, be sure to get lots of sleep, stay hydrated, take vitamins and supplements, and prepare. If you have certain medical conditions, talk with your doctor before taking an extended vacation. 

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