minor injuries


what are minor injuries

Minor injuries are non-severe cuts or injuries. These injuries are non-threatening for life. They do not affect your mobility or capability to move or work. Minor injuries include shallow cuts or abrasions. It could be just a bruise also. Contact Wendover Primary Care today if you got injured from any incidents at work or at home. As your injury doctors in Charlotte, NC, we’re here to make sure you’re safe and taken care of. Our physicians specialize in sport injury, auto injury, personal injury and all other injuries that are bothering and affecting your personal health.

Following injuries are counted as minor injuries:


Lacerations occur when soft tissue tears apart. This is a jagged or wounded injury, which causes a bit a pain too. A laceration is usually contaminated with the bacteria from the object. So, it needs to be cleaned immediately. You can go to the hospital for treating bacteria.

Sprains or Strains

Tendons are the fibrous cords that directly attach to the muscles near the bone. Strains are usually caused in the leg, back, or foot. It ranges from a simple strain or sprain in your muscles or tendons. It can also be a complete tear in the tendon and muscle. This is why a strain is also called a pulled muscle.

There is a good difference between the sprains and strains, but both of them refer to the pulled muscle. A strain occurs when a muscle gets pulled. A sprain occurs when ligaments near the bone stretch too far. So, you would need special care given by doctors to heal you.

Insects and Animal Bites

Animal bites and insects also cause minor injuries. Different animal bites include ticks, horse flies, chigger mites, horseflies, fleas, head lice, fleas, etc. Animals’ bites are a great danger in the greenery areas. Many people are allergic to the insets or animal bites, which can be lethal for many. So, parents need to get educated about how to respond to such situations.

Small Burns

Small burns cause a continuous stinging feeling. You can treat the small burn injury at home with various home remedies. Simply, you can hold your finger under cool water and apply wet compresses.

Head Injury

Head injury is counted as a minor injury when a person has not lost consciousness. Even then, the patient must visit the hospital and get thoroughly checked.

We are your doctors for minor injuries in Challotte, nC areas

You can count on us when it comes to minor injuries. 
At Wendover Primary Care we specialize in taking care of health in general as well as minor injuries that might happen to you at work or at home.
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Worker’s compensation is an insurance form. It is only paid when a worker gets injured while performing his work duties. Workers give off the right to sue the employee for injuries caused. These injuries can be any of the above minor injuries. A worker’s compensation is given immediately to the worker in cases of major wounds/injuries. These injuries include accidental bleeding, overdose, large burns, heavy bleeding, loss of consciousness, and other severe major injuries.

Worker’s compensation includes the missed wage replacement, disability compensation, or benefits of death compensation. It reduces the liability of the worker for illnesses, injuries, or other consequences of his actions at work. The employee is supposed to pay for accidental injuries at work.

Following is the eligibility criteria for worker’s compensation:
  • You must be an employee of the company.
  • You should be an employee of the organization.

The average settlement for minor injuries at work ranges between $2,000 and $4,000. This is a huge range of worker’s compensation that is payable in small installments.  If you are eligible, you will be paid the worker’s compensation. Our doctors in Charlotte specialize in injuries cases, contact us today for professional advices and treatments.

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