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How to Reduce Stress

Stress is normal, there’s no doubt about that. How our bodies react to varying levels of stress depends on the person. Everyone manages different stress levels and triggers of stress differently. What causes stress? Life’s inconveniences are the main factor in causing you stress. How can I manage my stress? This is a question we hear often but may not know the answer to. Keep reading to see the multitude of ways you can better manage your stress.

Physical Exercise

Exercising regularly is a great way to help manage stress because it is a way for the body and mind to release any pent up aggression, anxiety and emotions. Exercise helps lower your stress hormones and release your endorphins to make you feel less stressed and overall happier.

Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is a soothing way to release stress. While there are many different breathing exercises you could perform, the easiest is to close your eyes, breathe in deep, count to three, and slowly breathe out. Repeat this technique for as many times as you need. You can also combine this technique with other methods of relaxation.

Sleep Better

Did you know how much sleep you get and how well you sleep affects your stress levels? A good night’s sleep is important for effective stress management because it allows the body and mind to recharge and reset for a new day ahead. 

Methods of Relaxation

Other methods of relaxation include aromatherapy, getting a massage, listening to soothing music, reading a book, taking a warm bath, and “unplugging.” “Unplugging” is when you silence your electronic devices and “unplug” from the world of technology. Challenge yourself to not check social media, watch tv, or do other related activities. Starting with just an hour of “no screen time” is sure to help you manage your stress and allow you to relax. While everyone has their preferences and ways they like to relax, these are great ways for you to get started. 

Do More Things That Make You Happy

Doing things that make you happy increases the levels of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a hormone that plays a key role in the way we feel, our mood and level of happiness. When we feel a positive way about something, we feel happy. However, when we feel a negative way about something, we feel stressed. Doing daily activities that make you feel happy (such as painting, hiking, baking, etc.), increases our serotonin levels and reduces our stress levels. 

When all else fails… see a doctor!

If you’ve tried many means of reducing stress and find that you are not seeing any results, this may be the cause of an underlying condition and you should seek medical attention with your local primary care physician. Stress, when untreated or unmanaged, can be costly to your health. Stress can cause a number of health issues including mental illness, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease

Let the physicians at Wendover Primary Care take care of you and your stress. Our experts are here for you and can help you better manage your stress levels that will ultimately benefit your health. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, today!

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