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Health Benefits of Exercising

I’m sure you’ve heard – exercising is good for you! For some, getting in a good workout is the best part of their day. For others, it’s an exhausting inconvenience that they avoid. If you enjoy exercising, great! If you don’t, unfortunately you can’t avoid it forever because exercise is good for your health.

Moderately exercising just 150 minutes a week, that’s on average 20 minutes a day, can make a significant difference in your health and lifestyle. How? Let’s look at the different styles of moderate exercise, how to effectively train with them, and the impact they can have on your health. 

Walking. Walking at a brisk pace, which is at least 2.5 miles per hour, can increase your cardiovascular fitness, aid in reducing excess body fat and strengthen your bones.

Strength Training. This does not have to be as rigorous as it sounds; however, lifting weights is an important part of exercising. By engaging in strength training at least 2 hours a week, your body will build muscle, burn excess fat, strengthen your muscles and even improve your heart health.

Biking. Going for a bike ride is great for strengthening your body. Regularly cycling increases your cardiovascular health, improves muscle strength and joint mobility, and even decreases your stress levels.

Water Aerobics. This is a low-impact exercise, but it is highly effective. Health benefits of water aerobics include increased cardiovascular health, improved balance, improved physical endurance, and weight management. 

Dancing. This is a fun way to exercise. Dancing for exercise improves the condition of your lungs; aids in weight management; and enhances muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

Working out every week is important and shouldn’t be omitted from your weekly or daily routine. Many people avoid exercising because it is tiring, strenuous or just simply, not fun. Consider these tips to make your work out not feel like so much work:

Turn an activity you love into a workout! A lot of people assume the only way to work out is by running, lifting weights, or participating in a sport activity, but that’s not always true. You can turn any fun activity into an exercise as long as it has these key three components: 

  1. Heart rate increases
  2. Calories are burned
  3. Muscles are active and moving

Another idea to get yourself motivated is to work out with a partner or group. An accountability partner is there to make sure you come to the gym or attend a fitness class and to make working out less of a task and more of an activity you enjoy. If you don’t have someone to hold you accountable, or even if you do, attending a fitness class with a group is a great way to be social all while working out. 

The last tip is one that oftentimes gets overlooked – have balance. Not just physical balance, but balance in your lifestyle, diet, and routine. Having a sense of balance in your life can relieve stress and feelings of anxiety (emotions that weigh us down and make us feel unmotivated). By creating a balanced lifestyle with a balanced nutrition, you’re putting yourself in position to live a healthy, active life. 

Still in need of work out tips? Contact your primary care physician today or give Wendover Primary Care a call to schedule an appointment and chat with one of our experts. 

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