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Health and wellness management

Recently, new methods have been devised for the promotion of mental as well as health well-being. Health and wellness management has become important for millennial nowadays. Wellness management relates to semi-basic medical and health practices. This is why, education, athletics training and management, and nutrition are famous fields for future professionals. So, health and wellness management is related to taking care of one’s health. Thus, it leads to some type of scientific therapies and practices. As your primary care physician in Charlotte, Wendover Primary Care highly suggests you to have regular checkups and routine exams to prevent potential problems with your health in the future.

Here are some of the tips that are carried out for the management of health and wellness:

Basic Health Screening Hepatitis C Screening

3% of the world population is infected with the Hepatitis C Virus. This virus gets transmitted in the blood via the route of the blood. There are major modes of virus transmission practices as well. These practices include unsafe injection practices, injection drug use, blood transfusion, and more. To manage your health, you need to get your Hepatitis screened once in a while. It is better to be safe than be sorry. Our doctor office in Charlotte is well equipped and ready for your next screening visit.

International Travel Consultation

The international pre-travel consultation is performed for risk assessment of the individual. Medical experts communicate with the travel for anticipating the health risks. Risk assessment measures of pre-travel consultation include immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, and other indicated medical tests. If you plan to travel outside of the US, contact our doctor office in Charlotte today for a consultation.

Preventative Medical Exam

This is a complete checkup of the patient that investigates the family, medical and social history of the patient. A preventative medical exam provides a complete overview of the patient’s medical history. Complete physical examination is also conducted in which pelvic examinations, abdominal examinations, breast examinations, blood pressure, and thyroid check is included. 

Smoking Cessation

Not many adults receive advice for quitting smoke. If you are smoking, you must quit it to gain your health back. There are different training programs that will help you in getting rid of smoking. But you must try to get professional advice and help. Then, you will learn to cease smoking.

Traveler’s Diarrhea Prevention

Traveler’s diarrhea is a common experience. Eating food and water in another place can cause extreme diarrhea. It upsets the stomach of the traveler, which will ruin the health as well as a travel experience. So, you should go to the doctor about managing your health and wellness while traveling.

Tb Testing

Tuberculosis is not a lethal and prevalent disease today. But many people around you may have it. You must take the TB Blood Test and TB Skin Test. If you cough or experience symptoms for an extended period of time, you should get it tested. Health and wellness come above all else.

Weight Loss Evaluation and Management

Remaining fit and slim should be your top priority. Everyone should look at their best version. Overweight people also become susceptible to a few health conditions. In fact, obesity is the reason for the onset of different diseases. So, you should evaluate and manage your weight now and then.

health and wellness management

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