chronic care evaluation & management


chronic care evaluation & management

Chronic care management is described as indirect or non-man-to-man treatment. This treatment is often given to patients who have two or more health chronic conditions. Besides in-office visits and other face-to-face encounters, chronic care management refers to the treatment of patients following proper care coordination. Care is given both electronically and by phone.

Doctors, physicians or other clinical staff remains accessible to patients throughout the day for proper evaluation of patients.


chronic health conditions

Following are some of the chronic health conditions that require chronic care evaluation and management:


Asthma is a health condition in which airways become narrow. Affected individuals also produce excessive mucus. This makes breathing a complicated process, which triggers the onset of the cough and whistling sound. It causes shortness of breath. Asthma may not be a great nuisance to some people. However, it worsens in cold weather conditions. So, you must evaluate and manage your Asthma well.

Asthma patients should remain connected with doctors or some type of medical staff. In case, Asthma attack worsens the health of the patient, medical staff would attend the patient virtually and improve his health.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

This is an obstructive disease that also causes shortness of breath and long-term problems of breathing. The main symptoms of COPD include sputum production and shortness of breath. COPD is a progressive disease which means that the health of the patient worsens continuously over a period of time.

Patients, suffering from COPD, must get chronic care evaluation and management. Thus, patients would remain under the direct supervision of the patients virtually.


Depression is a permanent mood disorder that causes a permanent feeling of sadness. Depression causes a person to lose interest in everyday activities. This health condition affects the way you feel, act, walk, talk, or behave. Depression can also lead to several types of psychological and physical problems.

Many events occur in life that makes us depressed. There is also a chronic type of depression that needs proper evaluation and management. Chronic depression should not worsen. So, chronically depressed patients should avail of chronic care evaluation and management.


This is a chronic condition in which patients have abnormally elevated levels of lipoproteins or lipids in the blood. This is an umbrella term that refers to genetic disorders. These disorders cause elevated levels of lipids (cholesterol, fats, and triglycerides) in the blood.


This is a long-term medical condition in which blood pressure remains high persistently. Excess salt, anger, or other reasons cause hypertension. So, you should take care of yourself by availing of chronic care evaluation and management.

Medication Refill

Chronic care evaluation and management are also required for a medication refill. Patients can get into touch with the doctor for getting a medication refill. Thus, it becomes easy for the doctor to treat the patients and vice versa. With just a phone call, everything gets sorted.

chronic care evaluation and management

If you have any conditions for which you require chronic care evaluation and management, please contact our office today for evaluation.

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