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Wendover Primary Care is a Charlotte primary care clinic, located in Wendovery area near South Park in Charlotte, NC. At Wendover Primary Care, we are concerned about providing primary care facilities for families and we put the needs of our patients first.

Every single day of your life is affected by how you feel, and for this reason you put in so much effort in getting well and staying healthy. We are here to inspire, guide, and support you wherever you are in your journey to wellness.

In parts of the country where primary care providers abound per person, the death rates for heart disease, cancer, and stroke record lower figures and there is less likelihood to being hospitalized.

A system based on primary care may cost less due to the tendency to have fewer in-patients, more appropriate technology, and less duplication.

As opposed to specialty care, there is evidence to prove that primary care give rise to more even distribution of healthy persons in populations.

When dealing with patients, we help clear any confusion you may have with person-first experiences, expert-review, and straightforwardness. We do all of these to help you arrive at the best decision for yourself and your loved ones.

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Wendover Primary Care, PLLC is committed to providing high quality primary care to all patients. Our practice is proudly serving Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for more than 5 years as family general practitioner.

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Wendover primary care deals with all aspects of mental and physical health objectively and openly because we’re here to attend to the totality of a human being. As people approach us with their unique health problems we listen attentively and show empathy. In everything we do – from our commitment to our personal perspectives – our goal is to identify with your unique health challenge and offer you professional solutions.

At Wendover primary care, your Charlotte primary care clinic, we believe no amount of support is too much for you to have in your journey towards sound health. From reproductive health experts to professionals in other areas, our practitioners can evaluate your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan.

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