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Best Health and Wellness Routine

If you are healthy you have almost everything required from life. When you visit any primary care physician the first thing they will ask for is the routine that you are following. If you are on a healthy routine then you can be sure that you will be fit and fine. In case, you are not following any healthy routine then your PCP will help you to maintain one.

You must be worrying what is the best health and wellness routine? Actually your PCP will suggest you the best one after looking into your daily program. Still, here is a health and wellness routine that will be helpful when you start it.

Begin your day with morning routine

It is best that you leave your smartphone behind before you go to sleep. This way you can sleep tight during night. In the morning wake up at least 5 minutes before you need to wake. This is to give time to your mind. Meditate during that period or just stay calm and think what to do during the day. Your mind will be prepared for leading the day.

If there is time then take out some of it before plunging into your daily routine to do some exercises. It will keep your body fit. Then have bath and take a healthy breakfast. Remember the breakfast you take is most important because it’s a meal after so many hours. Now you are ready to jump into daily work.

Continue health regime during the day

As the day progress you get busy in your work, that’s natural. In all this do not forget to eat your lunch. Again it should be healthy. Do not eat too much fried food and junk food. Eat fruits, but don’t just stick to apples. They are good but remember that you should enjoy every fruit of every season. They will boost your health.

While working do not sit at the same place throughout the day! Whenever you get time get up and walk for few minutes. It will keep you on your toes and you will feel better. Also remember to drink few cups of coffees during the day. It is good for health.

You must also avoid loneliness and thus socialize whenever possible. Going out with friends to excursions, movies and all will give take you out of the boredom that you undergo every day! Whenever you get time take a nap. Don’t think its sign of laziness. Your brain needs rest and it can provide what is necessary.

Its night, time to take rest

As you return home you must be waiting for getting to your bed. Yes, you need rest but before that eat a healthy dinner. It should be light. Try to avoid sugar at night and no more coffee. The best thing you have to do is get a sound sleep. For that keep all distractions away and head to your bed. Its good night time!

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